New innovative personal amphibian ATV


  • Concept inspired by ancient roman chariot and snowmobile sled expanded on water
  • based on modular floating trailer with wheels, skiis and hydrofoil and towed by silent electric monotrack
  • easy and fast conversion from tracked ATV to hydrofoil amphibian vehicle
  • like tracked ATV layout can drive on land, grass, snow, sand, mud, even upstairs and downstairs
  • like amphibian could float with pontoons on track
  • at higher speeds trailer fly on hydrofoil above water during skimming of driving track
  • mycrotrack conept can be easily scaled to a bigger and faster vehicles for more passenger transport or cargo transport
  • electric drive monotrack is environmental friendly, silent and easy rechargeable
  • can be use all around the world, from oceans to mountains, from sand desert to cold ice, during entire year


  • durable rubber 220 mm snowmobile track
  • laser cut, cnc bended and welded, galvanised and plasificated monotrack and trailer construction
  • modular design for ease car transport
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